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"Couldn't load the lyrics for this song" error

"Couldn't load the lyrics for this song" error

As of version and the version prior to that has caused the lyrics from my personal playlist in my device 'Samsung-SMJ250F' to disappear, at first I thought it was brcause the songs were old but way older songs still had lyrics
The playlist is a private playlist featuring all songs of 'DragonForce'
and after the update none of the songs had lyrics.

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Why can't I see the lyrics anymore on all of my songs, I have to get premium now to see the lyrics?! Why?!

I have two accounts and on the older one which has thousands more music and is at least ten years old the lyrics won’t display on my iPad. On the newer one which has near 100 songs the lyrics show. 
please help! I’ve already tried the faq and information pages, not sure what’s going on.







(iPad 13)

Operating System



My Question or Issue

See above

This same issue has been happening to me for months, i have a private playlist that is 17hrs long, mostly songs around the 60's or 90's and i remember most of them having lyrics, now one by one, the lyrics have been disappearing, for example: ''The Mills Brothers - Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You)''

Why the heck is there a lyric LIMIT


Lyrics are the best part of songs, learning them by heart shows one's appreciation towards an artist's content. I love to learn lyrics, and i don't mind the "lyrics not found" error, but placing a limit is useless and makes me wanna switch to Apple Music.


Please find a way to meet me in the middle, if Spotify is insistent on, for some absurd reason, placing a limit for song lyrics.


- A stubborn subscriber

Lyrics couldn't load while the song is playing

Why  is Spotify making us pay for lyrics that’s dumb af and some of us are broke 😠

I like cam steady pokemon cyphers but now i cant see lyrics 😥

haha yeah i thought it was the strangest thing when i saw that vampire (song one 1 billion plays on spotify) had no lyrics. its weird though because the spotify web version has the lyrics for it but the lyrics dont load in the app.

all the songs i listen to (i mean all of them) aren’t showing any lyrics 

I too am seeing lyrics disappearing that had them before. I like the band audioslave and now their entire library has the lyrics removed. So strange.

DEI is that you? 

like these lyrics aren't inclusive and whatnot so we will delete them? 

I'm gonna assume that this problem isn't only with Eminem songs but with everyone this culture want to cancel.

Great job btw, next time get an helmet before get hurt.

Every single song I listen to don’t have lyrics. Its frustrating.






(iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy 9, Macbook Pro late 2016)

Operating System

(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


My Question or Issue


You're withholding the truth, there must be a a reason why there are no lyrics for Eminem's songs. What's so hard in telling us the actual reason? All of Eminem's songs, including the latest album, that's definitely not an error. Tell us why exactly 

So when i try to see the lyrics of a song i swipe down and it says "couldn't load the lyrics for this song" and its annoying, literally all my songs have no lyrics and i cant understand some words.

I couldn’t see the lyrics for Just like Magic by Ariana Grande. Please add them back. 

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