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"DEEP STUDY SOUNDS" more similar music?

"DEEP STUDY SOUNDS" more similar music?


I was struggeling to find music for my workplace to listen which doesn't draw the attention to the music. I have some very perticular requriement for the music.

- It should not contain vocal

- It should have a structure, like a bass some melodies etc

- It should not contain any attention seeking elements and it should be not a loud song.

- NO ambient natrue sounds, waves or forrest sounds


So I was very happy when I stumbled over the album "DEEP STUDY SOUNDS" which is perfect and I listen to it since 3 months when I need some concentration. But it would be nice to find some similar music which I was not able to. As it seems all the artists on the album have only one track on spotify which leads me to the conclusion that this is one cases where spotify made the music itself (there is a lot of speculation about it, especially in the classic area)


So anyway does someone knows more music like the one on the mentioned album?


Thanks in advance


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The songs got taken down. Do you know if the artists released the songs anywhere else?

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