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"Never Be Like You" by Flume (feat. Kai) Clean Version

"Never Be Like You" by Flume (feat. Kai) Clean Version

Would it  be possible for the clean/radio edit version of "Never Be Like You" by Flume (Feat. Kai) to be available on Spotify? I use spotify all the time, and basically what I depend on for music and I would like to have it but as the radio edit version, where the explicit content was changed. I've been trying to find it everywhere; on Apple, YouTube, Soundcloud. I've only heard the radio edit/clean version on the radio. Although there's not even a slight chance of it being availble, I was wondering if anyone knew what I was talking about and if it was available, especially on Spotify! 

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Hello @delturf and welcome to the community,


If you make a search with the title "Never Be Like You" you will find all the versions of the Flume's song available on Spotify. It doesn't seem that the version you talk about is actually available.


It's possible the version you talk about is only a promotional version sent only to the radio stations and not available publicly. (just a supposition)


In more general case :


Availability of music on Spotify is up to the artists and/or their labels.


Song missing can be by decision of the artist and/or their label or because licensing problems. Licensing rules are not the same from a country to another, then it can happen sometimes to have music available in some countries and not in some others. When it's a licensing problem, the music is usually back when the problem is fixed.


Spotify wants all the music in the world available to stream and works hard daily to convice artists and their labels to have all their catalog available.





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