'..."YOUR MUSIC IS ALL FILLED UP" to save more you'll need to remove some songs'

'..."YOUR MUSIC IS ALL FILLED UP" to save more you'll need to remove some songs'

I got this message and now cannot save anymore music - is there any way of saving more music or do I have to delete from what I have saved, I do have the "Premium" edition - there was nothing in the agreement when I consented to join that stated there was a limit to the amount of albums one is allowed to have

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I am sure there is still a 10,000 track limit in Your Music currently. What you can do as a quick work around is go to Songs, and select all those tracks and add them all to a new created playlist on your Spotify account using the Spotify apps. That way anything you remove from Your Music to make room, those songs will already be saved in a quick to get playlist, And then you can start thinking of what to remove from Your Music to make room for new content you wish to save there.

I have the same problem. And if they don't fix it I am going to switch around my services. While Spotify is a very good service they are not the only game in town. They advertise like millions of songs available. Well not if they limit my Premium account to the amount of music, that is false advertising and just not good business.

I dont see the problem. Spotify is not about your libary (Your Music). All the songs available is your libary. Whats the difference?

iTunes/Apple Play have much better ways to organise your personal libary if you want to feel that you own the tracks. But you don't, anyway.

Or are we talking offline listening here?

How are you not going to take care of your most loyal users? I hit my limit today as a premium user.... this may take me off the service.

I agree. If we are paying for premium service on a montly basis, there should not be a limit to the amount of links to songs we have (those in My Music). It's the equivalent to bookmarking something on the internet. (I can understand a limit to how many active downloads you have due to licensing.) I should not have to "workaround" it by creating a giant playlist of everything; if the "+" was not intended to be used as a feature, it should not be offered. I listen to alot of different types of music and I often save things so I can find them back in my music when I can't remember their name. I imagine if there is a limit here, there is also a limit on how many songs can be in a playlist or how many playlists you can have. Very frustrating. I have been a huge promoter of Spotify because I truly love the service. This leaves a very bad taste in my mouth every time I use it now because I'm reminded of it anytime I click the "+" button.

How do you find a song back if you don't remember the name or the artist?

Is there an easy way to remove all of My Music?!? It seems tedious to do.

This is insane. I've been a loyal customer for years, but I think it's time to switch now.

Have you switched and who did you go to ?

Epic collection, friend.

I really like spotify and I enjoy using it and wanted to get a good selection before going abroad and streaming becomes a nuisance. If it's a nuisance like a cap on downloadable tracks then I might go elsewhere. If it is a money thing for spotify maybe they could crack down on premium users using an account to play music to the public in a business capacity intead of the eclectic individual such as myself, friend.

This is crazy, i hit the limit today and im changing tomorrow

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Thanks for reaching out to the Community about this.


As the current limit for a Playlist or Liked Songs is 10,000 items, you're welcome to vote for this Idea. Click on + VOTE and Subscribe by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner.


Feel free to reach out to us whenever you have questions 🙂

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