regarding Taylor swift albums/music

regarding Taylor swift albums/music

I can never find the right Taylor swift song on spotify, a great idea would to add all her albums and I guarantee you'll draw more attention to the younger crowd
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She withdrew her albums from spotify. They can't use her music


Jam35d is correct, it's just Taylor being a right stubborn person trying to change something that will never change. My bet is she'll add her music back eventually. If she doesn't, you can either buy it, or listen to it on youtube (I can't advocate anything illegal here ie piracy, but ya know, there may be an implication in the Youtube bit which I will obviously deny :P).



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dang my bad I didn't know she did that, thank you both for replying!



I doubt it very highly a petition would do much, unless it ended up with 50 mill users signing the petition in all one go and creating a media crazy storm for her. She has an issue with ad freebie streaming service account users for some reason, she also had all her content pulled from the Rdio streaming service as well, which offers an ad free based service account as well. I guess she thinks she will be paid in peanuts or something?


Artists like her have media publicists groups to write the words she speaks in response to everything when it comes to speaking. They have prepped her on just what to say, and how to say things in public, and how to present herself to the public, it is all an act for more mulla. The evil big business machine is being mean to her is the act she is putting on to garner sympathy, people are tools, and this coming from someone who went to the biggest music business machine there is Nashville. Even Rock Stars head that way when California, New York, and even over seas fail them with breaking out somewhere big.


But who knows she may get that next 100 million she is working towards, and say what the heck, I guess another 50 mill will be able to come along from other streaming services later. It is all a money game.

@user-removed Why not try making these 1 million community members to sign the petition?

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