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why do songs become unavailable suddenly spotify sucks

why do songs become unavailable suddenly spotify sucks

Half the tracks I saved and downloaded are now no longer available, you pay for the service and the suddenly you only get half of what you pay for so will spotify refund half of my the fees they charge for premium

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Hi popup901, thank you for posting in Spotify Community.


Spotify wants all the world’s music on Spotify. However, some artists and tracks aren't currently available. Sometimes agreements can’t be reached with the artist or label or a change may happen in music ownership.

However, please know thousands of albums and artists are added to Spotify every day. If you can’t find an artist you’re looking for, they may appear (or reappear) soon.

In the meantime, feel free to contact the artist or their label to ask when they plan to be on Spotify. Thanks! 

Corporate answers don't help and spreading the love of how wonderful the magical world of Spotify is brings nothing but extreme frustration when all we need is a technical and practical answer from someone who actually took time to thoroughly read the question beforehand.


We are talking about tracks that were available and now are not even though you can still listen to them on the mobile version so it's not about the music industry — it's an actual Spotify issue.

I don't want to start another topic on this issue, but I really want to receive an answer, or I will simply go back to my previous music player. This is frustrating, as the person mentioned before, the tracks that WERE available suddenly becomes unavailable. This happened for me many times already, way too many. Last ones being whole Seafoal's album "Xeraclius" which I've been enjoying for months until I came back from abroad a week ago, and machineheart's "In your dreams" which was unavailable to me ALSO when I came back from abroad last year, and suddenly is available today as I'm checking on it now. How is this working?

Rock Star 

that is all well and good for spotify, but what about the customers who subscribe to your service. Instead of asking us to contact your content suppliers, that is your resposibilty seeing as you are charging us for your premium service. When we pay for a product on your service then it suddenly dissappears and you don't reimburse the subscriber is just a rip off. in marketing terms it the classic "bait and  switch" get them hooked and them real them in. 


Hi @popup901

Keep in mind that I am not a Spotify employee. I am member of the Rock Star program - we are all volunteers in the community, we help with stuff in our free time.

It's a real bummer when something you like suddenly dissapear. It happened to me a couple of times too. But since the artist (or content provider as you put it) is the real owner of the music and they sometimes want to remove their stuff (like Tyler Swift fiasko couple of years ago) and there is nothing Spotify can do about it. Their music, their decision. All music streaming services play by those rules.

I view it as a tradeoff of music streaming - you have access to the service library, but it still their library and they can change it.

None of these posts seem to explain the problem as I have it.  I have one large playlist that I use all the time -all my favorites. Frequently downloaded songs become greyed out (unavailable) but when I search for them again they are there to play and redownload.  It's almost like there are certain songs Spotify don't want me to listen to. Also some downloaded songs by one artist are suddenly replaced by versions by other artists.  Wierd and definitely an issue as I see it.  It spoils my user experience on a regular basis.

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