your DIY podcast would be better with video


your DIY podcast would be better with video


I am a noob to spotify but your DIY stuff I think should all be with a video showing how to do things instead of just hearing how to do it,,, I just searched for 3D printing you have a person talking about adding new stuff to 3D printers it would help to see this like I said I am new to this platform and there maybe a way to see it also I just don't know how to do that ,,, also you are bringing on Joe Rogan I really like listening to him but I also like to see whats going on while he ask some random Q to the person he is talking to ,,,, I think podcast need to evolve to more than just listening I don't think I would enjoy Joe Rogan as much with just audio needs video also   

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Yes!! Podcast video footage in my opinion is a essential part of a podcast if available.