10,000 song sync limit is rubbish.


10,000 song sync limit is rubbish.

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‎2013-09-18 07:37 PM
I wasn't made aware of this limit until coming to the support community. This tells me that it must be buried in the user agreement as I am pretty good about reading them, in any case.
This takes the "good deal" I thought I was getting for ten a month and flushes it down the toilet as I now have the near impossible task of choosing which songs on which devices to chick.
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Re: 10,000 song sync limit is rubbish.

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‎2013-09-18 08:04 PM

Just curious, how LONG is that 10,000 song playlist.  Even at just 3 minutes per song, thats, lets see 30,000 minutes divided be 60 minutes in an hour....  500 hours.  Divided by 24 hours in a day, thats more than 20 days of music without ever turning it off,  If you listened for 8 hours a day that would be over 2 months of music without ever repeating anything.


Sound like plenty to me.  Maybe you could just sync your Starred playlist?

Re: 10,000 song sync limit is rubbish.

‎2013-09-18 08:17 PM

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The 3,333 track limits across 3 devices is down to licensing restrictions. We think that's more than enough for most users for standard listening. It's not likely to be enough to cover your entire library but you can clear cache (Android) or reinstall (iOS) to sync different playlists. With a bit of careful planning, you'll always have plenty of stuff to listen to wherever you are.


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