Activity Feed not working with Facebook.


Activity Feed not working with Facebook.

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‎2013-04-18 12:48 AM

Hey guys,

I had seperated my facebook account from my spotify account, but it has automatically reconnected itself (after I reactivated facebook) but nothing shows up in my activity feed from people on Facebook. There is no option to disconnect or reconnect my facebook account as per the Troubleshooting area of the website, and the account site claims I've already imported my facebook contacts and such, but no one is there. Any thoughts?

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Re: Activity Feed not working with Facebook.

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‎2013-04-18 09:15 PM

Hey! Welcome to the community :) 


You will only get activity in your feed from people who you follow. Are you following any of your Facebook friends? (Check out the Follow tab). There is also a summary of the recent social changes here.



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