Can't play current track?


Can't play current track?

Music Lover
‎2012-02-27 05:11 PM

Keep getting 'Can't play current track' message randomly when I am listening to music. Stops my playlists dead (as in does not skip to the next tune) and also someitmes tunes that dont work one minute work the next. Becoming very frustrating, don't understand why this is happening. 


I am premium member.


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Re: Can't play current track?

Music Lover
‎2014-09-06 07:26 PM

I found a solution that worked for me! After reading through many of the suggestions here and elsewhere, this option finally did the trick:




The fix for me was to go to Edit > Preferences > Local Files and uncheck everything. Fixed it immediately! I understand this might not be a workable solution for those using the Spotify client to listen to other music... but I suppose it's something.

Re: Can't play current track?

Music Lover
‎2014-10-08 12:23 PM

This was my problem too. I had downgraded to free from Premium subscription, but still had "High Quality Streaming" checked. 


The "can't play" message popped up but didn't indicate why. Unchecking high quality option fixed it.

Re: Can't play current track?

Gig Goer
‎2014-10-09 04:30 PM

The clean re-install fixed my problem.  

Re: Can't play current track?

Music Lover
‎2014-10-11 03:02 PM

In Spotify desktop, I was using premium trial but when it went back to free version high quality streaming did not turn off. (only avalable to premium users)

If you're using a free account  then make sure the high quality streaming is turned off in preferences 


It worked for me.

Re: Can't play current track?

Community Legend
‎2014-10-13 06:12 PM
@Gods88angels - Have you unselected the "Enable High Quality Streaming" option in the Edit > Preferences menu as suggested above?

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Re: Can't play current track?

Music Lover
‎2014-10-24 11:31 PM

If you just cancealled your premium subsciption and now using the  free subsciption Then just follow these few steps


Just go to Edit > preference and untick  "High quality streaming" 


It shoud be working now :)



Re: Can't play current track?

Top Star
‎2014-12-16 10:33 AM

Hello: @driver49

Did you make sure after unchecking high quality streaming that you logged out and back into the app again?



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Re: Can't play current track?

Music Lover
‎2016-01-22 03:27 AM

I had the same issue "Can't play current track" Error message.

 I tried the following

  • Switched off high qulaity streaming
  • Uninstal re-instal spotify
  • Clearing the spotify cache
  • installing older version of spotify
  • deleting connections to local library
  • turning off hardware acceleration

all without success. Many hours scanning through this community. 


I did find  my problem. It was the audio driver on my HP computer. It had a tab marked "enhancements" I disabled all of the enhancements and everythng was working again.


So if you have tried all of the above, and still have issues have a look at the settings on your computers audio driver.

Re: Can't play current track?

Community Manager
‎2016-01-27 09:50 AM

There's a fair few reports of people seeing the error message "Can't play the current track".


This can be confusing because the message can pop up in a number of instances.


Here are the reasons for the message, and the troubleshooting that can be tried:

  1. Playback fails to start on all tracks (PC and Mac).
  2. Playback fails on local files.
  3. Playback fails on some, but not all non-local files.
  4. Playback stops mid-song (PC only).
  5. Playback fails, and all tracks skip through to the end of a playlist with no audio (PC only).

For all instances, the first thing to try is a reinstall. This often helps the error go away.


For 2 and 3, you can try removing all local file sources, then add them again.

To do this in-app:

  • Click Edit (PC) or Spotify (Mac).
  • Select Preferences.
  • Scroll down to Local Files.
  • Deselect all sources.
  • Close, and restart the app.
  • Select all local file sources once again.


For instance 5, try out this suggestion in your PC's settings. 




Re: Can't play current track?

Music Lover
‎2016-01-31 07:58 PM
Oh Boy...!
You saved my life.
This is exactly what happened to me and your advice helped fix it.
Thanks a stack!

Re: Can't play current track?

‎2016-02-01 02:10 AM
@morgybabe thank you! Would mind clicking accept as solution on the post too, helps with moving up the ranks ;)
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Re: Can't play current track?

Concert VIP
‎2016-02-20 02:12 PM

I was having the same problem getting can't play current track, and songs were moving randomly.  I followed your advice with Option 5 and it fixed the problem.  Thanks!

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Re: Can't play current track?

Music Fan
‎2012-02-28 05:07 PM

I'm having the same issue, on PC and Mac

Re: Can't play current track?

Music Fan
‎2012-02-28 05:41 PM

I'm also getting this issue 'Can't play current track' - I'm an Unlimited member. Is anyone able to help?

Re: Can't play current track?

Music Fan
‎2012-02-29 07:01 PM

I'm having the same problem. It's really starting to annoy me.


Quite often it'll say can't play the current track, then suddenly work after a few tries.

Re: Can't play current track?

Music Fan
‎2012-03-03 04:40 PM

Yep, me too, on 2 different laptops - keeps happening - any suggestions?

Re: Can't play current track?

Music Lover
‎2012-03-04 05:08 PM

I think this a problem a lot of ppeople are having.....


Do not understand why they do not answer the forum posts? People seem to be very unhappy and rightly oon, is very annoying when a tune you have listened to a hundred times just won't play randomly and then works the next minute.


Please answer the question Spotify, I am paying £9.99 a month so only fair the service works as advertised.

Re: Can't play current track?

Concert VIP
‎2012-03-04 05:51 PM

I'm having this problem too, amongst others.  I don't know what the devs have done to the programming, but suddenly Spotify is hugely unreliable, and the customer service is abysmal.  


If these issues aren't sorted this month I'm switching to Deezer.

Re: Can't play current track?

Spotify Legend
‎2012-03-06 02:54 PM
This may be related somewhat some some connection issues we had recently. Should be fine now, however. Are you still encountering this message at all?
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Re: Can't play current track?

Music Fan
‎2012-03-06 07:20 PM

I'm no longer getting the 'Can't play current track' message but its still not playing tracks, then suddenly it is again.  I've noticed that if I select a track it won't play then any other track it will also not work.  Then if I play a song from my local computer in the 'Local files' collcetion (which works) then go back to the song that wouldn't play it works fine.  I am having to do this at least every 30mins :(  I'm a premium member. 

Re: Can't play current track?

Music Fan
‎2012-03-18 09:42 PM

I'm also been having this problem and I'm still encountering this every day.

Anyone else still seeing this?


I'm currently using the mac client.