Hard drive full error

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Hard drive full error

Concert Regular
‎2012-09-03 03:43 AM

When I search for music and then try to play it the song will not play and I often see "There was a problem storing temp files on the hard disk,  Maybe the hard disk is full".


What exactly does this mean?  Is this referring to my hard disk?  Maybe I'm not fully understanding how Spotify truly works but what would my hard disk have to do with it, I thought I was connecting to others libraries etc?



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Re: Hard drive full error

Music Fan
‎2012-09-06 08:36 PM

The same happens to me on Ubuntu. I do understand that in order to play songs they have to be downloaded to the HD. However, my HD is far from being full, there is about 20GBs free space.

Re: Hard drive full error

Music Fan
‎2013-05-15 03:04 PM

Im getting same annoying msg from Spotify - "There was a problem storing temp files on the hard disk,  Maybe the hard disk is full".

and I didnt have this problem the first month on was on Premium - but then my subscription lapsed due to lack of funds after several weeks I re-joined Spotify on Premium and have had this msg coming up all the time.


ive tried a few suggestions from the Spotify community(Peter)  i tried the first 2 suggestions without success.  The last one below is to Peter calls a  clean reinstallation - ie reinstall Spotify.  close Spotify > uninstall Spotify > shut down/restart computer > download Spotify again.








Re: Hard drive full error

Music Fan
‎2016-12-07 02:11 PM

Same thing. I have more than 200 Gb left on hd and it keeps saying its full.

 Ubuntu 16.04