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How to fix Spotify is already running, but not responding error

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How to fix Spotify is already running, but not responding error

Music Fan
‎2013-05-19 10:22 PM

I have a Thinkpad T520, and for the past couple months or so Spotify would crash after resuming my computer from sleep. The window would freeze, and I would close the application. spotify.exe would still be running under processes in Task Manager, and would not respond to end process. I would try to relaunch Spotify but get the notorious "Spotify is already running but not responding." error. The only solution was to reboot.


I have devised a “hack” that kills Spotify right before the computer goes to sleep, thus preventing it from crashing when I wake my computer up again.


First create a batch file that kills spotify. Open Notepad and enter the following:


taskkill /f /im "spotify.exe"


Save the file as killspotify.bat in a folder of your choosing.


Open Task Scheduler, located under Administrative tools in the Control panel, or search for in the Start Menu.


On the panel on the right select Create Task...


Under the General tab, give your task a name, something like Kill Spotify on Sleep should be okay. Then Select Run whether user is logged on or not


Under the Triggers tab, select Begin the task: On an event


Set the following:

Log: System

Source: Kernel-Power

Event ID: 42


Under the Actions tab, set the action to Start a program


Browse the the bat file you created earlier and press okay. Enter your password if prompted.


You should now see the task you just created in the Task Scheduler Library. Close out of everything and you're done! Spotify should now automatically close just before your computer goes to sleep and you don't have to worry about it crashing when you wake the computer back up again!

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Re: How to fix Spotify is already running, but not responding error

Music Fan
‎2013-06-24 09:08 AM

I understand that your solution is to avoid spotify crash.


Anyway I tryed the command taskkill, it says that the process was killed but it isnt't true, the spotify.exe process is still there, and is still there the message "spotify is already running".


It's incredible that a company, big as Spotify, isn't able to correct in years a bug like this!


I hope some Spotify programmer will take some time to resolve this.


Re: How to fix Spotify is already running, but not responding error

Concert VIP
‎2014-05-20 10:37 PM

Nearly twelve months since last post and this stupid problem is still alive and well. I've asked, I've reported problem, I've received bugger all. Oh whops ... sorry .... I've got a nice shiney award. In  Googling this issue I've seen reports of it going back some years earlier than even 2013. It is utterly mind boggling that not only has the problem not been solved but it seems Spotify themselves simply do not give a darn.