I can't login and use Spotify.


Re: I can't login and use Spotify.

Music Lover
‎2012-02-15 12:03 AM

I also cannot log in. After the "Welcome" window, Spotify says that an error has ocurred,  and that my passw and usern are incorrect. I checked 'em on Facebook, everything works there, but not on Spoty. 


Re: I can't login and use Spotify.

Music Fan
‎2012-02-15 03:41 PM

I can't log in it tells me that my country does not match the one set in my profile. I have it set to Puerto Rico / USA in both. It worked fine in my free 30 days.

Re: I can't login and use Spotify.

Music Fan
‎2012-02-23 11:03 PM

I can't either and I've done everything suggested (removed from firewall exceptions, uninstalled then reinstalled, then its back on the eceptions list) and still, same problem. Error code 101. I've been a happy premium member until now, this all fo the sudden happened on my main computer.

Re: I can't login and use Spotify.

Music Fan
‎2012-02-26 07:39 PM

I'm having the same problem. Can't log in because Spotify won't recognize u.n. and p.w. I've checked my firewall, uninstall, reinstall, but the problem persists. I have my Spotify account linked to Facebook, which is something I would like to cancel but don't know how.


The thing is when I launch Spotify it asks me to enter u.n. and p.w. from Facebook. Then it goes on another page where it asks if I want to show on Facebook the songs I listen to and to log in (again?!). So, I enter the same u.n. and p.w. and all of a sudden it doesn't recognize either of them. I've tried changing passwords in Spotify and Facebook to no avail.


I'd appreciate some help. Thanks.



Re: I can't login and use Spotify.

Music Fan
‎2012-02-27 04:19 PM

Won't recognize facebook credentials. Cannot login.


Re: I can't login and use Spotify.

Concert VIP
‎2012-02-27 04:22 PM

I also cannot login using my facebook account

I CAN sign in using my facebook account on the website, but I CANNOT sign in on the app

please help!

Re: I can't login and use Spotify.

Concert VIP
‎2012-02-27 05:41 PM

Re: I can't login and use Spotify.

Concert Regular
‎2012-05-01 03:12 PM

I am recieving the 101 message as well.

Re: I can't login and use Spotify.

Community Manager
‎2012-05-01 03:47 PM

Hey everyone! So there are a number of issues going on in this thread--we'll have to take them one at a time. 


bertjan66, tncoult, baraka- Your account is fine on our end. Please be sure you're signing in with your Spotify username (not your email address).


If you're still having trouble, could you let us know what operating system/ Spotify version you're using. 


tashds & JenA- Exactly which error code/ message are you receiving? Since you opened your account via Facebook you'll need to use your Facebook email and password to log in. 


If you want to try resetting your password you'll to do that from the Facebook website. 


xchaser- Are you currently in Puerto Rico? Spotify isn't currently available in U.S. territories due to licensing restrictions.


However, if you were to sign up for a Spotify Premium subscription within one of the 50 states, you'd be able to use Spotify while traveling to a territory. You can find more information on this right here.


CobraHawking- Your account is also fine on our end. Have you also made sure that Spotify is an exception for all firewalls and done a clean reinstall? You can find more information on those steps right here

What I'm listening to:

Re: I can't login and use Spotify.

Music Fan
‎2012-05-07 01:59 PM


Whenever I try to login I get the error code 101 and so i've tried allowing spotify through my firewall but when I try to do that (because i tried uninstalling and reinstalling spotify) its not on the list of programs that i can let through.


Anybody got any ideas?