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Inbox and messages

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Messages inbox missing from desktop version

‎2016-09-11 06:09 PM

I can no longer see the messages icon on the desktop version. 

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Re: Inbox and messages

Casual Listener
‎2017-02-23 01:16 PM
NO!!! Dammit Spotify...
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Re: Inbox and messages

Casual Listener
‎2017-02-23 01:32 PM
I would love if you brought back the messaging and inbox system :3
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Re: Inbox and messages

‎2017-02-23 03:32 PM

that doesn't sound very innovative to me! guess i'll start looking elswehere 

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Re: Inbox and messages

‎2017-02-23 07:47 PM

Pleaseeeeeeeeee bring it back! I noticed the notifications did not work so I'm sure it would be used more if you could get that to work. I also had important music there that was shared with me and I can't check it anymore. 

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Re: Inbox and messages

‎2017-02-23 08:03 PM

I appreciate that the feature never seemed to get much love development-wise (notifications would have gone a long way toward increasing engagement, I feel), and I understand the cost-benefit analysis, but is there any way to retrieve the years of messages I had in my inbox?  The icon has simply disappeared, and with it, my social music history--I used this feature to privately share songs all the time.

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Re: Inbox and messages

‎2017-02-23 08:51 PM

This is very disappointing. First, you get rid of lyrics, which was by far one of the best features on the app. Second, you stop sending notifications for messages which is PROBABLY why most people stopped using it. THEN, you completely get rid of the messaging/inbox feature without any warning causing lots of people to lose songs they've been sent from years ago. Might not seem important to you, but to some of us it is. Also, working in an office under strict HIPAA regulations, we aren't allowed to have the internet or our phones. Spotify was the only way for all of us to stay connected. It was also provided for all of us courtesy of our employer. With that being said, you could lose hundreds of premium accounts just from this company alone. LASTLY, why are podcasts and videos not available on the desktop version? Spotify is the only app where I see such a huge difference in the desktop version and the mobile. This is long winded but very long overdue. I loved Spotify and have suggested it to so many people but over the almost 4 years of being subscribed, I have only seen things go downhill on the desktop version. Hoping for updates VERY soon.

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Re: Inbox and messages

‎2017-02-23 09:11 PM

I agree with what people are saying here. 


The reason nobody was using it is because, despite being a simple feature, it was a poorly implemented. I would send a song to a friend, then i'd have to privately message them in another platform to get them to check their spotify inbox - RIDICULOUS. 

Spotify should be FAR more social. Sending songs in spotify is essential to this! 

Spotify continues to take away great features, i'm only still with them out of convenience, but its getting more and more inconvenient to use.

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Re: Inbox and messages

Casual Listener
‎2017-02-23 10:06 PM

You just did away with the best function of your product, without any user input or advance notification. I would saved a lot of my favorite tunes with an easy heads up. smdh.