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[Mac] [Windows] [] Apps can't connect anywhere behind proxy

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Re: [Mac] [Windows] [] Apps can't connect anywhere behind proxy

‎2013-04-30 10:09 AM
Ok, thanks for the info guys. I've escalated the problem to the relevant team. We'll let you guys know when we hear anything.

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Re: [Mac] [Windows] [] Apps can't connect anywhere behind proxy

Community Legend
‎2013-04-30 02:19 PM
Awesome! Thank you so much Sam, :).
Spotify on!

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Re: [Mac] [Windows] [] Apps can't connect anywhere behind proxy

‎2013-05-06 06:20 AM

Just FYI,


still the same problem on Applications  still can't connect when behind proxy. Please fix it. I need my apps.





Re: [Mac] [Windows] [] Apps can't connect anywhere behind proxy

‎2013-05-06 07:59 AM

Still using version at work (with the upgrade prevention method) because of this...

I had the luck that I could retrieve that version from another computer.

How come the developpers don't seem to see the problem?

Anyway, it's getting worse and worse. At first the automatic settings of IE were sufficient, after I had to input the proxy settings manually, now this. Come on!

Re: [Mac] [Windows] [] Apps can't connect anywhere behind proxy

‎2013-06-13 08:51 AM

By chance I've found that Spotify logs this to console related to the application-don't-work problem:


13.6.13 9:18:06 [0x0-0x844844].com.spotify.client[21760] 07:18:06.581 I [http.cpp:1104 ] Error 20000
13.6.13 9:18:06 [0x0-0x844844].com.spotify.client[21760] 07:18:06.581 W [AppDownloader.cpp:180 ] Download of app failed


maybe that will help the developers to locate where the problem is. It was logged by Spotify


Can you please give us some ETA on the fix? The apps cannot be used at all for now... I am starting to look to the competition when there is no effort on your side to resolve this issue. Please...





Re: [Mac] [Windows] [] Apps still can't connect anywhere behind proxy

‎2013-06-19 07:17 AM

Still the same problem on So now we've got Discover which of course can connect without issue but other applications  still can't connect when behind proxy. My patience is running out! Fix it!



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Re: [Mac] [Windows] [] Apps can't connect anywhere behind proxy

‎2013-06-19 11:16 AM

Well it seem I found the culprit and workaround for that. At least it works in my case:


I am talking about last version to date -


I use the HTTPS direct proxy (for example w/o username and password).


When I set the Proxy menu in preferences to "HTTPS" and fill in the Host: ( and Port: (3128) the Spotify writes into the file "prefs" this:





and no application can connect anywhere. But if I quit Spotify and change those lines in "pref" file manually to:


network.proxy.addr="" [remove the "s" at the end]



[@https => @http]


and restart Spotify, everything works as it should and all applications happily download their content. You need to change the proxy address to match yours of course...


the "pref" file can be found at:


[Mac] /Users/<current user>/Library/Application Support/Spotify/prefs

[Win] C:\Users\<current user>\AppData\Roaming\Spotify\prefs

[Linux] ~/.config/spotify/prefs - (thanks lildude)


It is simple text file.


The "prefs" file should be re-changed each time we touch preferences of course, but how often we do that. :)


Hope this helps you to fix the problem once and for all. And hopefully it will work for others.






Re: [Mac] [Windows] [] Apps can't connect anywhere behind proxy

Casual Listener
‎2013-06-23 05:44 PM

Hey Daniel, I tried this solution but when I change the prefs file from "https" to "http", the Proxy Menu on Spotify changes to "auto-detect" and I can't connect.
I have to change it back to HTTPS but then the prefs file changes.

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Re: [Mac] [Windows] [] Apps can't connect anywhere behind proxy

‎2013-06-23 09:49 PM

Maybe you have different problem. But even the solution I've described can be tricky to do the first time. It took me a while to make it right as well. I think you need to make sure that you have BOTH lines in the prefs file. The 

network.proxy.mode=2 gets deleted sometimes by the app. You should add it manually if necessary.


In short you should see these two lines in the prefs file:


network.proxy.addr="<your proxy ip>:<your proxy port>@http"



if one of them is missing, add it please. They may be in the different order or not following each other.


After that it is normal that your preference pane doesn't show the correct information, because it doesn't match the "@https". Each time you open the preference dialog, please quit the app, fix the lines above and reopen the app WITHOUT consulting the preference pane. Otherwise these infos get "corrected" again.


But still if even with these two lines correctly set in your "prefs" file you can't connect, there is some other problem in your case and you should provide as many information as possible to Spotify and push them to fix that.




Re: [Mac] [Windows] [] Apps can't connect anywhere behind proxy

Casual Listener
‎2013-06-25 12:12 AM

Thanks for your answer.
I recently submitted an online contact form, and they said to try a clean re-install of Spotify. It worked, but now I'm not running behind a proxy. I don't know if it's going to last (I always had to be behind a proxy to make it work and not having connection errors), if it doesn't I'll try your solution.