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Need help with DFX Audio Enhancer


Need help with DFX Audio Enhancer

Concert Regular
‎2012-06-13 02:20 PM

I downloaded the free version of DVX Audio Enhancer and then purchased DFX Plus Masterpack and downloaded it.  The audio enhancer control panel is still in "free" mode (restricted controls) and when I try to resister with the serial number they emailed me, I get an error message that says, "illegal serial number."  The company's emails are coming from "unknown sender" and the response time from the company is horrible.  Any suggestions?  Thank you. 

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Re: Need help with DFX Audio Enhancer

Community Legend
‎2012-06-13 02:28 PM
This isn't actually a problem with Spotify, but anyways, If you downloaded the software right (right version etc) and inserted the serial number correctly - It should work I reckon. Make sure yo bought it from the right seller / company etc.

I have never ever gotten serials or such from "Unknown Senders". They always come from their sales or support or resellers systems.

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Re: Need help with DFX Audio Enhancer

Music Fan
‎2012-07-12 07:48 AM

I have the same problem-DFX free plays I Tunesand  the internet but does not repond to Spotify-come on Spotify-you are advertising this product! What can be done to correct?