Problem with Spotify Apps


Problem with Spotify Apps

Gig Goer
‎2013-07-23 10:54 AM

I have the Now Music app and the NME Music app on Spotify.

I use Spotify on two computers. One computer runs Windows 7 and the other Windows XP.


On the Windows XP computer Spotify runs fine with no problems at all apart from the fact none of the Spotify apps works on it.


The Windows 7 computer runs Spotify fine with all the features.


The Windows 7 computer had Spotify installed on it first, I only use the XP computer about once a week.


Can anyone help me get these apps working?

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Re: Problem with Spotify Apps

Community Legend
‎2013-07-23 12:18 PM

Are both machines on the same network? Do you get any error message when you select an app on the XP machine?

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Re: Problem with Spotify Apps

Community Legend
‎2013-07-23 06:17 PM

On the XP machine, can you try going to Edit > Preferences > Playback > Untick Enable Hardware Acceleration and restart the client? 



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