Spotify could not be started (error 17)

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Re: Spotify could not be started (error 17)

Music Fan
‎2013-03-05 07:02 PM

Try disabling your AntiVirus then install Spotify.

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SOLUTION!!!!!!! 2013

Concert Regular
‎2013-03-10 01:32 AM

Took me weeks to figure out how to get rid of this error but I finally fixed it today.  You have to DOWNLOAD AN OLD VERSION of spotify.  I just googled it and found a download.  Then once it's downloaded you can update it to the current version!


Thought I would post since none of the other solutions on any forums worked for me!

Re: SOLUTION!!!!!!! 2013

Music Fan
‎2013-03-22 05:07 AM

Can you advice me which version are you used ? i download some old versions, but it can not opened in my computer (Win 7)。

this issue almost driven me crazy for few months!

Re: Spotify could not be started (error 17)

Concert Regular
‎2013-04-22 01:37 AM

I uninstalled Spotify as it was stuttering (75 Mbps upload) for no reason and this code came up when trying to install Spotify again.  I had to delete the program, restart the system and hit F8 to install it in 'safe mode with networking'.  It downloaded and retarted the computer.  At first an error code 101 (firewall) popped up, but went away after a few mopments and all is well again.

Re: Spotify could not be started (error 17)

Festival Fanatic
‎2013-05-26 05:13 PM



Here is the simple solution fotr you guys ( and girls )


1) download CCleaner and remove the program and clean your pc / laptop

2) Restart PC

3) download latest version from site ( spotify installer ) place this on your desktop.

4) Go to installer properties

5) Remove block

6) Set compatibility xp service pack 3

7) Run installer


Everything works just fine =)


Nice day !!

Re: Spotify could not be started (error 17)

Festival Fanatic
‎2013-05-26 05:20 PM



Using Windows 8 Pro


UAC disabled

Software protection disabled. ( Windows Smartscreen )


UAC can be disabled in user configuration

Windows smartscreen in control panel, maintenance, security.





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Re: Spotify could not be started (error 17)

Music Fan
‎2013-07-10 04:43 AM

I had the same problem today. My Spotify app screwed up. It was not able to open it and it said it was already running. I went into the task manager to see if there was anything associated with Spotify. Surely enough the spotify.exe was open. I tried closing it out. It would NOT close. I chose to restart my computer after that. Then, I tried opening Spotify again. Nothing happens. I became fed up and uninstalled the app. It said it successfully uninstalled. It left behind the app data. You can get to the roaming section of Spotify by typing in to the start search %appdata% and look for Spotify. Try to delete that folder. If you can't, try rebooting your computer. Once you have rebooted, quickly go back to the same directory and try once again to delete Spotify. So, I then went to install the lastest version again and was unable to start the installation of Spotify. Feeling hopeless, I went to the forums here and started reading up on error 17. There is no clear cut answer as everybody has different versions of this error, which is ridiculous! I read about installing previous versions of Spotify. Well, this worked for me. I recommend you finding any files and folders that you can before installing another version. I also noticed that trying to install a next to current version of Spotify from the current version did not work and also the versions not so far from the latest. They have too much in common. So, the one I chose worked for me- . This is an old version from 2011 with Facebook integration. So, once you have completed this older installation, you can even update back to the latest. Just go to Help at the top left corner of the Spotify screen and click on About Spotify... Look for something like "an update is available. Click to download." Spotify will tell you as usual that you can just click the restart button to finish the process of updating. The installer box, after Spotify closed, for the next installation almost got my hopes up as it was the same from when it last failed. But, it went ahead and updated. 


Then you should be set! Hope this helps!

Re: Spotify could not be started (error 17)

Gig Goer
‎2013-10-15 05:13 AM

I got totally furstrated and am dumping spotify for anther provifoer that was up and running right away.  Really disapointed in spotify.  I paid for 2 accounts, but it wasn't worth it if I can't even use it on my PC. 

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Re: spotifuggle could not be started (error 17)

Gig Goer
‎2013-10-15 05:14 AM

I got totally frustrated and am dumping spotifuggle for anther provider that was up and running right away.  Really disappointed in spotifuggle.  I paid for 2 accounts, but it wasn't worth it if I can't even use it on my PC. 

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Re: Spotify could not be started (error 17)

Music Lover
‎2014-11-19 02:28 AM

There is a really simple fix to this problem. To fix it... follow these steps:


1. Uninstall spotify (*When uninstalling it, some registry files will not be deleted, therefore creating this problem)

2. Install Ccleaner (Computer cleaner software) to detect the broken or empty files in the registry

3. run the registry cleaner in the software after installing it (about 2-3 times just to be sure it cleans it completely)

4. Go to the Spotify website and download Spotify again.


Now, it should work like normal. By the way, after you get spotify to work, you could uninstall Ccleaner or leave it on your computer. (It is really helpful though!)