Spotify doesn't show anything


Spotify doesn't show anything

Music Lover
‎2013-10-04 07:35 AM

Hi there.


For two days now my spotify doesn't show anything while open. I have the left pane with the different options (discover, inbox etc...) but the center pane is just gray. So if I am searching an artist it just don't show of I can't see anything from the discover part. Here is a screenshot:


I have another problem, I can't find the artists I'm following. I used to be able to go into the follow button and have a list of all the artists I follow and I can't find it anymore which is annoying because I followed artists I wanted to hear again but can't remember the name anymore. Where is this darn button ?



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Re: Spotify doesn't show anything

Community Legend
‎2013-10-04 10:31 AM

Hey @Rheenok :) 


Spotify are currently investigating the blue/blank screen issues, some people have reported it can be fixed by either updating your graphic card drivers or by following the steps in this post but its a bit tricky if your not a computer person! 


As for following artists, if you go to your profile (Click your name in the top right of the client > Profile) then click Following at the top that will show you the list. 



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Re: Spotify doesn't show anything

Music Lover
‎2013-10-04 11:02 AM

Thanks for your message!