Spotify freezes my computer while playing

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Spotify freezes my computer while playing

‎2012-05-13 06:39 AM

This started about 1-2 weeks ago. I sent an email in 3 days ago and havent heard anything back. I just tried an uninstall of the program and reinstall. I made it about 45mins before I got a freeze. It basically happens as a song is playing and you get a loud screetch as it's stuck on that tone or note and it just continues till I hit the power button. Best I can tell all my software is up to date. Flash, Shockwave, Java, ect,..


It happens whether I have my browser open with it or if it's open alone such as tonight when it lasted 45mins. Its not a particlular track or playlist. It's just random and just happens. Perhaps 15-20 times now in the 2 weeks. Last Weekend I had it freeze this way 4 times in 10 minutes. Also it frooze on me with no musi playing and me just dragging in new musi to my playlist. My computer never had a problem like this before.


MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit SP1

Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q9550 2.83GHz

4GB Ram

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Re: Spotify freezes my computer while playing

‎2012-05-13 10:58 PM

OK I have tried the first few things but havent tried to have Spotify open for any length of time yet. So I hope that'll fix it. Turns out my Video Card was up to date so maybe that was the issue

Re: Spotify freezes my computer while playing

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‎2012-05-13 11:03 PM

Thank you for sharing this tip with us.


If you have any questions where we (Community founders) or Spotify employees can help you out, just let us know.

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Re: Spotify freezes my computer while playing

‎2012-05-16 01:32 AM

OK didnt work! Heres what the email said that came from tech support


Sorry to hear that you are having this issue.

I just want to make sure that you have followed the clean uninstall and reinstall procedure. 

Please try each of the following to see if they solve the problem. After each one, check to see if it's helped. Hopefully you won't need to go through them all.

1) Open Spotify and go to Edit » Preferences. Scroll down and disable the "Hardware acceleration" option.

2) Update all of your drivers and run Windows Update, then restart your computer.

3) Try a clean installation of Spotify (make sure you complete all steps before trying Spotify again):

1. Quit Spotify (File » Exit)
2. Uninstall Spotify (Start » Settings » Control Panel » Add or Remove Programs » Spotify)
3. Erase any installer or file related to Spotify.
4. Check Spotify is listed in your firewall exception list
5. Check your antivirus and Windows software are both up-to-date
6. Restart your computer
7. Download and install the latest version of Spotify:
8. Add Spotify to your firewall and antivirus exception list.

4) Finally, if the previous steps have failed, try the following:

1. Restart your PC.
2. Right-click on the Spotify icon in the start up menu.
3. Select "Properties" and under the tab "Compatibility Mode" uncheck "Run this program in compatibility mode"
4. Start Spotify.

If you are still having this issue after trying this, could you please send us a screen shot of your task manager on performance while running Spotify and Facebook.




I did all those steps but I can not open facebook at all with spotify open now. Every time the tab comes up my computer instantly freezes. Also I forgot to mention to you all that I have the blue screen with a memory dumb as well when using Spotify. Happened 3 times now. And yes it's 100% Spotify..... nothing else happens until I run the program ever. Has to be playing musi most the time too. Program can sit open for days and my computer will be fine. I hit play and I get anywhere from 5-30 minutes before I freeze up.


Any other ideas? There had to been some sort of update that my computer does not like. Every thing was great 2 weeks ago or so!

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Re: Spotify freezes my computer while playing

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‎2012-07-03 08:35 AM

I have tried everything I could find in this community to solve my problems with Spotify freezing up my whole system.


I'm, just like everybody with this problem, using Windows 7 x64.


Yesterday I read something about lowering the cache for Spotify to use on your system. Default was on 10GB and I dropped it to 4GB. Untill now I don't haven't had any freezes!!! So you might wanna try this:


- In Spotify go to Preferences

- Scroll down to "Cache"

- Lower it somewhere between 1 - 4 GB


If this really is the sollution, than that's really simple! :) It works for me, so far.


Re: Spotify freezes my computer while playing

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‎2012-07-03 10:03 AM



Thanks for shareing I am sure this will help other users and help us community members/Staff to help other users.


It looks like this is happening because your hardrive/pc can not handle the ammount of data spotify has in it's cache. Sometimes to use a cache system your hardive needs to be fast if I understand correctly.


At the minute I am using something like 12GB for my spotify cache and I allow Spotify to use 10% of my hardrive space (Out of 500GB).



System Specs:
Intel® Core™ i5-2500K Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.70 GHz), 4GB Ram DRR3 (800Mhz), Intel 3000 HD Graphics, 500GB HDD at 5400 RPM, 250GB Extra HDD at 5400RPM, WIn7 Home Premium

Re: Spotify freezes my computer while playing

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‎2012-12-19 08:51 PM

they really need to release a fix or an update for windows 8 because this freekin sucks ive tried all these options and nothing so thanx alot spotify im deleting this off my computer and now i dont have a site like yours to listen to any whole song except the internet so please fix this or i dont plan on ever using ur service again because this isnt fair to the users i never have a problem till the stupid updates

Re: Spotify freezes my computer while playing

‎2013-01-02 10:40 AM

Sinse I began to use Spotify through Facebook there has been only problems.After three seconds the Spotify freeze bort itself and evere try to use the computer at all,

First I hade free version but I thought that if I test Premium it will go better,but no.I have done everything I can,I have take it from the computer,clean the computer,download it again but the result is tha same.I have had it on on the computer but only with the same results.Every try to get it funktion doesnt work.

I have Windows XP and good place in it an either IE8 or Google Crome.There is no different.If I cant fix it I have no use of Soptify.Its only trouble with it

Re: Spotify freezes my computer while playing

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‎2013-01-21 04:37 AM

I tried the cache fix and it worked for about an hour or so, but has gone back to freezing every 20 mins or so. Thanks anyway for the heads up though!

Re: Spotify freezes my computer while playing

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‎2013-03-14 03:29 PM

I got this problems aswell, no problems so far.