Spotify hacks and stops in the middle of songs


Spotify hacks and stops in the middle of songs

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‎2012-03-21 04:31 PM

Hi I run Spotify on a MacBook with a fiber connection. I'm not running any other program. Still the songs hack as if I had a bad internet connection. They stop at an irregular bases, sometimes I can listen for 5 sec and sometimes 20. The stop lasts for about 2 sec before it continues. This just started happening today. Even tried downloading the music for offline mode but still the same problem. I've checked the connection and it's good, can stream a movie without any problems. 


Any suggestions?



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Re: Spotify hacks and stops in the middle of songs

‎2012-03-21 05:06 PM

If you've enabled offline playlists, and it still happens, it certainly does not sound like a bandwith issue.  There could probably be several causes for such an issue, so if the first solution does not work, we'll have to go back and try something else.  The first thing I would try is to open Spotify, go into the preferences by clicking the Spotify menu at top, and selecting Preferences.  Scroll to the "Cache" section, and note the path in the location box.  Once you've copied the location, quit Spotify.  Delete from your Applications folder.  You might need to check both the /Applications folder, and the ~/Applications folder, and ensure both are deleted if they are in both locations.  Once you've deleted any instances that exist, navigate to the folder that you copied earlier that contains the Spotify cache.  Delete the contents of this folder, and then empty your trash.


At this point, it would not be a bad idea to reboot the computer.  Also, before you continue, it would not be a bad idea to go into the Software Update app, and ensure your Operating System is up to date.  If it installs any updates, you may need to reboot again.


Once you've done all that, head over to to download the latest version of Spotify.  Once downloaded, open the .dmg file, and them drop into your applications folder, and then launch Spotify.  After you've logged back into your account, you will need to re-mark your playlists as available offline.  Wait for all the tracks to be synchronized before trying anything else, just to minimize the risk something might go wrong.  Once all the tracks have been re-synchronized, try playing something, and see if the same problem occurs.


Hopefully this will solve the issue.  If it does not, perpaps we can come up with another idea.