Spotify social not updating

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Spotify social not updating

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‎2012-11-01 09:25 PM



Well, this question is asked before, but since the answers are long ago and I downloaded the latest Spotify version, redownloaded, installed, reinstalled, deleted every file associated with spotify and redownloaded again, connected facebook, disconnected, disconnected in facebook apps, reconnected, ticked activity show spotify social / facebook.


But, not one can see what I'm listening too and my spotify social doesnt update either. (at least not anymore, since I disconnected and reconnected facebook a couple of times) Think I messed up my account.




Got a premium account, windows 7 64bits, and running the spotify android app on tablet and smartphone (htc sensation)


thanks!! for the help in advance. And love spotify!


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Re: Spotify social not updating

Concert Regular
‎2012-11-03 02:35 PM

Well, for all who have the samen problem, I found the solution. 



Adds and apps

Person apps (second option, don't know how its called in English version)

You have to TICK the Status Updates and App activity


I once unticked this, so standard this is on.