Spotify won't update on Mac

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Spotify won't update on Mac

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‎2013-10-23 08:15 PM


I have been using spotify for some time now and really enjoy it, I have a number of local files that I play through my spotify and I have a dozen or so playlists that I regularly listen to. I recently started getting a message across my screen prompting me to click to update spotify. When I click it closes spotify and relaunches it but no update occurs, I am just prompted to click to update again. I tried completely removing spotify and reinstalling but its back to doing it again. Any help is appreciated as spotify still functions but this blasted message wont stop popping up and I'd like to easily take advantage of new features and improvements to the service.


A more detailed description, using numbered steps

1. First I tried just resetting and clicking the update link again.

2. Then I tried uninstalling and reinstalling spotify.

3. I also tried completely deleting everything associated with the program and doing a fresh install -- this was annoying and didn't help.

4. then I reinstalled and tried updating again when prompted -- no luck.

5. then I came here for help.


What I expected to happen

I expected to click the update link and the application would close, execute an update, then relaunch.


What actually happened

The application instead closed, then relaunched having seemingly updated nothing.


My Operating System

OS X 10.8.5


My Spotify version


My internet provider and country

Comcast high speed internet in the USA (Boston)


My username



Do you have any screenshots you can attach to more clearly explain your issue?

Not really, if you guys arent familiar with the message bar across the top of the application regarding an update I could take one and upload it but I think the description is pretty straight forward.


Thanks in advance for any help that can be offered!

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Re: Spotify won't update on Mac

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‎2013-10-23 11:43 PM

Hey @Bluesboy :) 


Just double checked, the Spotify version on the download pages is definitely v0.9.4.185 as far as I can see. 


Would you be able to try removing Spotify once more, then downloading and using the installer below:


The first time Spotify launches after installing, can you check the version number Spotify > About and post it here? 

If something strange is going on here like you are being "updated" to an older version that is something which I can escalate to the Spotify team to fix for you. 



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Re: Spotify won't update on Mac

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‎2013-12-04 08:46 AM

This download-link helped me with iOS 10.9. I didn't even have to uninstall previous version - just copyed new one to applications-folder and it worked. But it would be nice to get this working right from popup update-bar in spotify ;)

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Re: Spotify won't update on Mac

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‎2013-12-06 11:19 PM

I was having the same problem for a long time. My Spotify wouldn't update either and I downloaded the one from your link and replaced my version of Sporify and that seems to have fixed the problem! 


Re: Spotify won't update on Mac

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‎2013-12-09 04:48 PM

I have the same problem.  I was actually stuck back on 0.8 something and my artist overviews were all coming up blank.  This thread fixed it, but it's still a workaround...