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The latest desktop version is a downgrade

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Re: The latest desktop version is a downgrade

Garage Band
‎2015-03-08 03:43 AM
Unbelievable. It's like Apple saying you know that iphone 6? Well the new update strips back everything to the capability you had on iphone 3. Oh.. We might think about giving it back to you when we make iphone 7. Absolute crap. You cannot take away the things people like and expect to have customers. Once Apple's service starts this summer I am definitely considering jumping ship. It's absolutely a kick in the teeth to see how uncaring Spotify is towards their paying customers.
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Re: The latest desktop version is a downgrade

Music Lover
‎2015-03-08 05:42 AM

I can live with the not very necessary changes to the layout, and appreciate the chance to remove songs from queue. However, this latest update has slowed my Spotify down horribly. It takes seconds for a song to go from play to pause, and scrolling playlists freezes constantly.

Also I would like to be able to adjust column widths, if not close some of them completely. I'm not that interested in what my friends are listening to.

This latest update simply makes people wait for another that actually works.

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Re: The latest desktop version is a downgrade

Concert VIP
‎2015-03-08 06:08 AM

I've been a premium subscriber since early 2009 and I've got to say that this massive reduction of the desktop client's functionality arrives at an unfortunate time.


Spotify's comptetitors are scrambling to provide lossless, cd-quality streams in several streaming intense markets to really get some of this service's more demanding users. Apple is set to enter this market later this year by doing an overhaul of the Beats Music service, probably as part of the iTunes moniker. Because of Spotify's desktop client, I've never really considered my options, before now.


Spotify's (partially) native desktop app could've remained a massive competitive advantage by catering to power users. But the once powerful, fast and instant software I learned to accept as good enough in late 2008 has never recovered from being turned into a bunch of web based views over the last few years. It's like Spotify HQ is oblivious to the fact that high end Spotify users rely on software like Foobar2000 for non streaming use.


The latest update doesn't stop at crippling a bunch of playback almost to the level of Soundcloud. With the removal of the normalization toggle, even audio quality is affected.


A piece of real desktop software is essential for low-friction authoring and creative output from the kind of people who use your service for editorial purposes or just listen to a lot of music and act as trendsetters. For Spotify to survive iTunes entering the streaming market, it needs to remain visible as the default streaming service around the web, for playlists for everything from house parties, newspapers and music festivals.


The desktop client is such wasted opportunity in its current state. Among the competitors, even the ones aiming for the audiophile crowd, desktop users are generally offered useless, offline incompatible, browser based garbage.


I really hope Spotify can sort this out. I don't want to leave.

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Re: The latest desktop version is a downgrade

Gig Goer
‎2015-03-09 10:42 AM

For people who are willing to give Spotify another chance (the last one) you can downgrade to a earlier version by following the steps below:

NOTE: The original link with the instructions, Thank you BigKev57 for it.


Step 0. Uninstall Spotify v1.0.and make sure it is deleted from your system.

Then download an old version from Version works fine.
I'm not allowed to paste the link can search for it.

Next go to this directory (it may be hidden in Windows Explorer, so if you can't see it, type %appdata% into the directory box and press Enter.

Go to C:/Users/<put in your user name>/Appdata/Roaming/Spotify

0. If there are existing Spotify_new.* files here and they are not the zero length files you created before, delete them.

1. Make a new empy text file (right click, New | Text Document works fine)
2. Name it Spotify_new.exe
3. Right click the file and make the file read only

1. Make a new empty text file
2. Name it Spotify_new.exe.sig
3. Right click the file and make the file read only

Spotify will not be able to update because it can't delete the files, because they are read only, all future upgrades will fail.

This method is easy to use and permanent.

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Re: The latest desktop version is a downgrade

Garage Band
‎2015-03-09 11:43 AM

Thanks man, that'll do for now. At the least it will operate.

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Re: The latest desktop version is a downgrade

Music Lover
‎2015-03-09 12:03 PM

Tnx! this worked for me too!

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Re: The latest desktop version is a downgrade

Garage Band
‎2015-03-09 12:17 PM

I need help, quick!


Just got updated to V on the Mac. It's now really, really sluggish and has crashed twice. All versions before this worked perfectly.


CMD+F has gone!? WHAT!? How am I supposed to use this in a productive sense now? I was just in the process of organizing all my tracks into a well thought out Genre collection in Playlists (as Your Music has a 10.000 track limit + no way in professionally sorting tracks). I thought part of the new design and UI philosophy with Spotify was to create a uniniqe and also unified experience on ALL platforms. So the iOS app now has filters, but you can't delete playlists. The desktop app can delete playlists, but can't search vor stuff!? I mean what the heck is this? You've bullsed up the iOS apps several times, it took you for ever to update the iPad app (and then adjust the apps for the new iPhones) and now this...


Been a long time Spotify subscriber, but this really is taking my anger (this keeps happening with Spotify!) even further. Either get your act in gear or I'll drop it. Part of me is hoping you'll get this fixed NOW (as in this week), another part just hopes Apple tears you up when they bring an iTunes streaming music service. Recommended you to so many people, but you just keep dissappointing. Just, when I least expect it. And this hasn't just happened once, this has happened three, four or five times.


If Apple rocks out a decent music service let me tell you this: It'll be the end of Spotify.


Looking forward to a timely response. Your call.


PS: This isn't my real Spotify username. Registered seperatly for the forum (just in case and moderator is wondering).

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Re: The latest desktop version is a downgrade

‎2015-03-09 12:48 PM

I don't know if anybody's noticed, but next to your username in the program there's a drop-down menu arrow. The top item in that is 'Send Feedback'. You rate from 'Love it' to 'Hate it' and then send optional feedback. 


I'm sending a separate response for every single issue I've noticed in (and I'm going to send responses for issues that others have noticed). They do say that they read all feedback, so I'd suggest everybody does the same, because I don't think they pay much notice to us on here.

Re: The latest desktop version is a downgrade

Garage Band
‎2015-03-09 01:53 PM

I managed to find the AppData/Roaming folder but there are no files or folders with 'spotify' in the name there, and I dont seem to be able to make text files

Re: The latest desktop version is a downgrade

Bedroom Songwriter
‎2015-03-09 02:18 PM
Can anyone else no longer delete entries from their play queue? Assuming you successfully found it?