Uninstalling/updating Spotify


Uninstalling/updating Spotify

Music Lover
‎2017-05-15 07:17 AM

Recently subscribed to Spotify. Is this one of the worst written programs in history?


I'm on Windows 10 and the default install location is my Appdata roaming folder which then prevents the install. Finally managed to get it working by pulling the full installer from a third party site and moving the install to somewhere sensible.


It is now trying to update every time I boot my PC but this fails (error 17) every time. It seems to have tried to reinstall to the roaming data folder again so I now have it in two locations? Nope! Can't find the original install anymore.


Fine I think, I'll uninstall it and do a fresh install so I go to the Control Panel to uninstall it and am met with a warning that I don't have sufficient administrator rights to perform the uninstall. Are you kidding me? I built the PC, I'm the only account and I have full admin access.


Can someone please help me get this updated and installed to a vaguely sensible location? Alternatively I want a refund on my premium sub as I can't even use it!

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Re : Uninstalling/updating Spotify

Garage Band
‎2017-05-15 09:48 AM


I've also an issue with the uninstall of spotify desktop (in win 8.1). When I go to the control Panel and then double-click on spotify, nothing happens.

Perhaps a bug with the 1.0.54 version.


Is someone knows how to uninstall spotify with another way?

Thank you.


Re: Uninstalling/updating Spotify

Music Lover
‎2017-05-19 07:41 PM

Anyone able to help? I did a complete reinstall from scratch which worked but then it is trying to update again and the problem reoccurs.