Vocals too low


Vocals too low

Music Lover
‎2012-03-16 01:48 PM

Maybe someone can help me out here. I am on Windows 7 64-bit. All other sound works fine, but for some reason ANY song I play on Spotify has the background instrumentals so loud that I can barely hear the vocals. I searched Google but couldnt find anything. 


Has anyone else experienced this and can you please help me fix it?



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Re: Vocals too low

Spotify Legend
‎2012-03-16 02:13 PM
Hey there.

Try popping into the Preferences menu (Edit > Preferences) and unchecking the "Set the same volume level for all tracks" setting. That might make things a little more even musically.
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Re: Vocals too low

Music Lover
‎2012-03-16 02:32 PM

I already had that unchecked. Still the same thing, muffled music.

Re: Vocals too low

Music Fan
‎2012-04-20 07:24 PM

I'm having the same problem, and it's fairly recent that this started. I remember the same songs being fine a few months ago. 

Re: Vocals too low

Music Fan
‎2012-05-07 02:54 AM

are you listening through headphones?

Re: Vocals too low

Community Legend
‎2012-05-07 06:53 AM
Have you updated the Spotify software? Sometimes these muffled sounds are from some sort of driver problem. If you try to set the quality of the sound to lower and see if it has any kind of effect. If things work out in lower quality -> Could be the possibility that there is an issue with high quality sounds in the sound cards properties / drivers.

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Re: Vocals too low

Music Fan
‎2012-06-23 03:38 AM

I'm having the same problems as well. It just started today, about half way through the day. This morning everything was fine. I was listening to a song off one of the Top Tracks list and it sounded perfect. When that song was finished I tried playing something from my Starred track list and all of a sudden the vocals drop out. It's like listening to a distorted instrumental track. Now, no matter what song I play, I can barely hear the vocals. I've tried changing all my Playback Preferences but nothing has worked. 


I'm running Mac OS X 10.5.8. As far as I can tell, all of my drivers are up to date.

Re: Vocals too low

Music Lover
‎2012-06-27 07:59 PM

This seems to be related to an update issue. Spotify simply needs to update itself.

Fixed mine by:


  1. Exiting Spotify all together. File > Exit
  2. Re-opening application (You will see spotify dialouge box that says installing/updating)

Re: Vocals too low

Music Fan
‎2012-07-03 02:22 PM

I still have that same problem, even after the last update. Thing is, sometimes it is there and sometimes it is not, but I don't recognize any link to what I do or the songs I play or anything...

Re: Vocals too low

Garage Band
‎2012-07-03 03:15 PM

Is you Audio Drivers up to Date?

Is Spotify Up to Date?


Give me a link to a track which is doing this by right clicking on the track and click copy HTTP link.


Try restarting Spotify and you PC this can sometimes help.

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