Volume Buttons Lagging


Volume Buttons Lagging

Concert VIP
‎2012-03-07 03:02 PM

When Spotify window is the focused application the hardware volume buttons on my laptop stop working properly. Once I defocus it they work properly again. It's very annoying.

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Re: Volume Buttons Lagging

‎2012-03-07 03:15 PM
Hmm this sounds a little odd. Which version of Windows are you using?

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Re: Volume Buttons Lagging

Music Fan
‎2012-03-07 08:24 PM

This is happening to me too. My volume-wheel works without problem when I unfocus spotify, but lags or does not work at all when I focous on Spotify.


I use Windows 7 64-bit and a Logitech g510 keyboard, with newest drivers.



(On a side-note my playback-buttons for switching songs, stop and play do not work on Spotify at all. They work fine in windows media player, so it's not the keyboards fault.)

Re: Volume Buttons Lagging

Music Fan
‎2012-04-01 02:15 AM

I'm getting the same thing. Lenovo T400, Windows 7 64-bit. When I am focused on spotify, hardware volume buttons are single-step only instead of continuous as per usual.

Re: Volume Buttons Lagging

Music Fan
‎2012-04-15 10:31 AM

I have the same annoying problem with the volume button lagging when I turn Spotify on with my Thinkpad T410.

It started after Spotify had been automatically updated.

Besides It seems that my pc becomes significantly slower for a period (5 min) when the application is opened. This should not happen on a i7 with such a small app. This also started occurring after the latest update. 

I hope these issues will be taken care of soon by the Spotify team.


Thansk for a great app though...



Re: Volume Buttons Lagging

Music Fan
‎2012-05-10 03:53 PM

I've had the same problem for as long as I've used Spotify. It's only an issue when Spotify is the window in focus - when I switch to a different window the volume buttons work fine.


It's getting pretty annoying, and is a fairly substantial bug for a music app.


Dell Inspiron N7010 Laptop running 64bit Windows 7.

Re: Volume Buttons Lagging

Music Fan
‎2012-05-14 02:31 PM

I have the same problem. Volume up/down dosent work when spotify is in focus :/

Re: Volume Buttons Lagging

‎2012-05-14 08:57 PM

Just had an experiment with my volume controls on my keyboard.


Normally if I press and hold them, it continuously adjusts the volume (without noticable stepping).


This is what happens when Spotify is not in focus.


When Spotify is in focus: I press and hold, it moves only one step and stops. If I then press the key again, it'll move another step but no more. It seems Spotify takes the key holding action to mean one step only, regardless of how long its held. While Windows natively takes the key holding action to mean continously adjust until the key is released.


Really this ought to be sorted!!


(Just in case it's OS dependant: Windows 7 Professional x64)

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Re: Volume Buttons Lagging

Music Fan
‎2012-05-16 04:34 PM

I too have the EXACT same problem.


I'm running Win 7 32-Bit on an Intel i3 ThinkPad.

Re: Volume Buttons Lagging

Concert Regular
‎2012-05-23 09:43 AM

I too have experienced this problem, on my girlfriends Sony Vaio (laptop), on my dell latitude E6410, (both using the in-built volume up/down keys, and when plugging in a keyboard through a docking station), and also on my PC (Windows 64bit). However my play/pause/next/previous keys work however.  


My keyboard has a spinny volume wheel, and only works when spotify is in focus if I turn it slowly (assumedly because when turned slowly this is no longer considered a continuous action) something like described here: http://community.spotify.com/t5/Desktop-Windows/Hardware-Volume-Control-Does-Not-Work-As-Expected-Wi....


This has been a 'feature' for as long as I can remember since beginning to use the service (on my Toshiba laptop), but I've just got used to Alt-Tab > Volume change > Alt-Tab. It's funny what lengths people (I) will go to to get around features rather than trying to report/fix them :smileywink:.


Mute works fine though!


Thanks for a great music service! :smileyhappy: