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Where is my playlist


Where is my playlist

Concert VIP
‎2013-02-19 12:29 AM

Where in the worl are my playlist =(

did logg in and it was there did logg out and then in again after a while and all gone...

i have tryed all the solutions in here but nothing works i starting to panic abit now


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Re: Where is my playlist

Community Legend
‎2013-02-19 11:23 AM

Hey :) 


If all of your playlists are missing, then you have most likely accidentally created and logged into a duplicate account. 

Try following the steps outlined in this post.



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Re: Where is my playlist

Concert VIP
‎2013-02-19 06:48 PM

i have tryed to log in using the numbers that is my username but i cant log in whith that number :-( please help me i have tryed all but nothing