[Windows 7] Error 101 HELP!


[Windows 7] Error 101 HELP!

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‎2013-04-13 12:13 AM

A few days ago I experienced trouble with spotify connecting to the internet. (error 101)
I have checked my firewall setting, restarted my computer, and even uninstalled/reinstalled spotify (and lost ALL my playlists... ). 

If anyone can shed light into this situation that would be awesome.
I appreciate any help!

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Re: [Windows 7] Error 101 HELP!

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‎2013-04-13 03:26 PM

Hey! Welcome to the community :) 


Firstly, your playlists are stored remotely by Spotify, so you should not loose them when you reinstall, since they are stored in your account. It sounds like you have logged into a different account, have a read at this topic for some help with that. 


As for Error 101, it is almost always a client side connection error. Try the steps outlined here including manually opening the IP addresses and ports on your router. 



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