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Windows 8

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‎2012-02-29 10:07 PM

Hey all,


Do you think we'll see a beta app for Spotify on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview?

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Garage Band
‎2012-03-01 03:16 AM

I'm running Windows 8 Consumer Preview and it works fine... The only difference I have noticed it duplicated the Windows Media Player Playlist if you had it on there... other then that... it works great.

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Concert Regular
‎2012-03-01 07:58 PM

I have it also. I would like to see an app for metro.

Re: Windows 8

Concert VIP
‎2012-03-02 06:56 AM

I see that slacker already have a metro app. Are there any plans at all?

Re: Windows 8

‎2012-03-04 10:31 AM

Given that we've been asking for an iPad app since the iPad was released in 2009, and we've still not got one... I wouldn't expect a metro app anytime soon, or any plans soon either.


Also I thought metro apps were based in HTML and JavaScript... so it's unlikely that we'll ever get a metro app - since Spotify has previously said (in response to a web app) that they believe they can produce a better quality experience with proper desktop apps.


Maybe they'll surprise us... but I don't think it'll be a priority since the normal desktop app will work fine in Windows 8.

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Re: Windows 8

Concert Regular
‎2012-03-04 03:28 PM

But what about those that will be using the ARM processor?


Surely they will have to cater for that?

Re: Windows 8

Music Fan
‎2012-03-18 03:32 PM

First off:metro apps can be

  • C++ (most used programmer language)
  • BASIC (most used windows programming language)
  • JavaScript an HTML (web language)

Re: Windows 8

Music Lover
‎2012-06-04 05:29 PM

Agree, we need a metro version. It could show new releases on the startpage tile etc. They could port the Windows Phone player over to Windows 8.

Re: Windows 8

Music Lover
‎2012-06-04 05:33 PM

And use C#