Alternative to spotify / epic collection problem


Alternative to spotify / epic collection problem


Hi guys,

I am very pleased with Spotify, but the Epic collection limit is a real deal breaker for me.

From what I read, the Spotify team is not considering this as a real problem for the average user and after a few months, I am tired of always deleting albums. So, I don't want to blame anybody, I am just looking for a pleasing alternative in 2016, thats suits my needs :

- I am using Linux desktop (Elementary Os)

- I use also the mobile version (Android)

- I never use the social component (Facebook, followers, etc)

- I am not really using playlist, neither discovering tools.

- I have rather big choice than super hd crystal clear flac quality.

So basically, I want to have the largest access to music, and to save all the albums I want to (I am always listening to full albums, and a lot of "older" music). I am also using the lyrics tool often.

I am obviously thinking about Google Play, but maybe could anyone share more thoughts about any service that best suits my needs ?

Thank you.

Ps: excuse my bad english.