Another thread about greyed out songs


Another thread about greyed out songs

Gig Goer

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(Macbook Pro late 2013)

Operating System macOS 10.14.5


My Question or Issue


When using Spotify on my Mac, playlists have roughly 50 percent of the songs greyed out. When using Spotify on Andoid or iOS, the same playlists have NO songs greyed out. Please see the screenshots.


I've seen a huge number of threads complaining about this issue. Spotify represenstatives usually come on an say something about maybe the song isn't available in the user's country or that the song publisher has no longer authorized Spotify to use it. This obviously isn't the case here, since the Spotify is making these songs avaialble on my Android and iOS devices, but not my Mac.


Can anyone help me fix this, please?




Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 9.17.20 PM.png
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Gig Goer

Oops. I see I posted this in the wrong place. Sorry, please disregard.