Any non-manual ways to arrange the 'default' order of playlists?


Any non-manual ways to arrange the 'default' order of playlists?



So as we all know, it is quite easy to arrange your playlists by artist, album, date added, etc. This presents a temporary arrangement of the playlist and is quite a useful feature.


However, this does not change the 'default' order of the playlist, which is either arranged by date added or however else a user has changed it manually by dragging songs up and down. The default order is the one that you see if you turn all the sorting off. It is also the one that all your friends see and that you see if you open Spotify from other devices.


My situation is as follows: I have a main playlist of about 750 songs. A couple of months ago I severely changed the default order manually (so that it matches the release date of the songs). The process took me a couple of hours.


The question is - is there any automatic way to sort the default playlist order by date added again? I want it to be the way it was in the beggining and I really don't have the patience to do it all manually again. 


Any ideas?

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Re: Any non-manual ways to arrange the 'default' order of playlists?

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If you click on the column with the calendar icon does this sort your playlist back to the original date the songs where added to the playlist? I assume this is what you are wanting to do? Clicking the calendar icon column once should present the tracks by oldest date added to the playlist in chronological order, clicking it again will reverse where newest is first and oldes added tracks are last. If this sorting does the opposite, then you might have had the column sorted once before by this option of date added, and the option when clicked on reverses the choice you had before. A third click should turn it off back to manual sorting again. Is this what you are wanting to do, or have I misunderstood your post?