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Artist in library redirects to Artist home page instead of saved songs

Artist in library redirects to Artist home page instead of saved songs






HP Omen Laptop

Operating System

Ubuntu 18.04


My Question or Issue

Normally, when I click on an artist in My library -> Artists it takes me to my saved songs of that artist but now it takes me to the Artist home page. I already reinstalled the app.


2 Replies

Same thing here.


Premium Plan

Spotify (installed via flatpak)

Manjaro Linux Gnome Version 3.32.2

Dell Latitude E5450

I have found this is the case on my Linux (Fedora 29), Windows, and Andorid devices as well. Apparently this is a new 'feature' that they will not let us roll back/disable through supported channels. ANYONE, PLEASE help find a way to roll this back/change this in the latest versions, and fire whoever on the dev team decided to push these changes through.


FWIW, finding an old Flatpack of spotify from befoe this update and not upgrading it should let you use the better (old) interface, and an old APK and disabling automatic updates will let you run the old version on Android. At least for now, until they make a major API change to block it.

This seriously ruins the entire spotify experience- This is not how a 'music library' should behave. They are trying to act like a freaking radio (e.g. Pandora) again.

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