[BUG] Same Song 'Cabron' Always Queued on Login


[BUG] Same Song 'Cabron' Always Queued on Login

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Hi there,


Whenever I log into the Spotify Web Player, the song 'Cabron' by the Red Hot Chili Peppers is always queued for playing in the right panel of the interface (see attached image below). I don't know why it's always there on startup, but I'd prefer if there were just nothing there, or at least the most recent song I listened to. This has been ongoing for several months, almost since when I first signed up to Spotify.


I wonder if it got stuck there one day when I logged out of Spotify while that song was playing. I have listened to that album. But I've since tried logging out while listening to different songs, sometimes by different artists, but my Spotify account is very stubborn and only likes 'Cabron.'


If there's something anybody knows about, some trick I can perform, to clear this song from appearing constantly on my account, I'd be grateful to know about it. If not, then I guess this is a bug report.


Don't think it makes a difference since I'm using the Web Player, but I'm on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Linux, and using Mozilla Firefox as my web browser.




spotify-screenshot.pngSong 'Cabron' (right) always there on login


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Re: [BUG] Same Song 'Cabron' Always Queued on Login


Hey @sunnybubblegum


Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


That's odd. Can you check if the same thing happens from a different browser?



We'll be waiting for your reply.

Re: [BUG] Same Song 'Cabron' Always Queued on Login

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Hi Maria,


I don't have any other browsers, but something new has come to light on this.


Now the song that's queued on login is 'Broken Glass' by Sia, from an album which I have been playing lately.


I think it may have gotten stuck there because my Adobe Flash Player crashed while I was playing that song last week. When I reloaded the page after the crash, the song was queued up, and now that I log in again a few days later, the song is also queued. This may have been what happened with the Red Hot Chili Peppers song, as my Flash Player plugin will crash from time to time under a load.


Hope this new information helps.