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Black Window when starting Linux Version from Gnome Menue

Black Window when starting Linux Version from Gnome Menue

Plan: Premium Family

Country:  Germany

Device: Sony Vaio Tab 11

Operating System: Debian GNU  Linux 9 (stretch) 64bit with Gnome Desktop 3.22.2

Spotify Version: Linux: spotify-client (1:

My Question or Issue:

1) I installed the spotify client as described under:

2) had to install dirmngr first via "sudo apt install dirmngr" as the first step did not work otherwise

3) after the install I started spotify from the Gnome menu. A black window appeared. After waiting 30 sec I closed the window.

4) searched your commnity website for help. At a point I decided to start spotify from the terminal. I got an error message (see dump file attached). But spotify started perfectly and works perfect when started from the terminal by typing in "spotify".

5) I installed "sudo apt install libcanberra-gtk-module" and the missing gtk-module message disappeared, but when starting spotify from Gnome menu it shows up only a black window.


Thanks for this very good piece of software. Use via touch works perfect for me. Congratulations!!


Question: How can I make spotify to start from the Gnome menu too? Any idea.


Your help is appreciated a lot. Many thanks in advance, ChrisKar

P.S.: the forum says that the dump file extension *.txt is not allowed... only jpg etc is allowed. Therefore here the dump file content:


Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"
ATTENTION: default value of option force_s3tc_enable overridden by environment.


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