Both PC and tablet running Android version of Spotify

Both PC and tablet running Android version of Spotify


It did take me a while to dicide which forup to post on as it is to do with both Desktop and Android.


I have just got a new tablet that I wanted to be able to run spotify on. I have Android 4.2.2 and I installed the latest version of Spotify. It works fine on the tablet but now whenever I use my desktop version of Spotify (which I will be using much more often) now looks like Android too. It is quite difficult to use as everyting just looks far too large. My Desktop vertion of Spotify is A very long name. I am quite sure that It didn't used to be this before. I also get the same issue with the Spotify web player. That now looks like Android as well. I have Ubuntu 12.04 and Spotify Premium used to work very well on my PC until it changed to this.


If anybody has any suggestions of what I could do to try and sort this problem out, I would be interested to try them.



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I have a feeling you are just seeing the new design on the desktop client. It has been changed to match the design of the android app (and other apps).

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I did wonder that because it is a little different but everything seems too big. It is as if the resolution of my screen is much smaller. If this is the case, I will just have to get used to it. Thanks anyway.

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