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Browse doesn't load in ubuntu client or web

Browse doesn't load in ubuntu client or web






Operating System

Ubuntu 19.04


My Question or Issue

Software dev here: When I try to use the Browse tab in the desktop client, it errors out on me. 


When I do it in my browser client (Chrome, version: pretty recent) I get an error saying "oops, can't load this reload"


Where this request fails and returns

  "error": {
    "status": 503,
    "message": "Service unavailable"

So, I'm assuming that's the same error I'm getting in the desktop client as well, but it's not showing the value of that error. And the fact that it's both on the web client & the desktop makes me think that it's an error in my actual account here, but I'm at a loss!


(also someone's gotta know how I can yell about how Third Eye Blind's self titled album's track "graduate" is incorrect, and it's playing the version from the soundtrack of Can't Hardly Wait instead of the album version, do I just yell @ the band's management until they fix it?)

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