CLASSIFY application not up to par?

CLASSIFY application not up to par?


Hey guys, this is my second post here. I posted earlier about the DISCOVER tab not working well on the desktop application for Spotify. I have another concern that I'm not sure has been taken care or if anyone is even aware of it (not many people I know listen to classical music as intimately as I do hahah). 


The CLASSIFY application Spotify offers is fantastic because it allows users to search through pre-made playlists that users have created containing all classical music based off of composers and musical periods, etc. 


HOWEVER, I'm a little frustrated becase on the desktop application, I'm finding it difficult to scroll through the options Spotify offers. For example, Spotify offers "POPULAR COMPOSERS" (the people who wrote classical music, i.e. Beethoven, Mozart, etc.) and "POPULAR ARTISTS" (artists/performers/orchestras who have recently recorded their performances of classical music, i.e. Vladimir Horowitz, etc.) 


(Spotify offers other suggested categories to search from in this application as well, which is fantastic.) 


The problem is that the application refuses to let the user (i.e. me) scroll any further than three/four offered/suggested options within the CLASSIFY application. It's extremely frustrating because I can physically only choose from, for exmample, 4 instruments (piano, cello, flute, clarinet) when I should be able to scroll sideways and choose from a multitude. (Because let's be honest, there are more than 4 instruments in the world of music). 


Any ideas on whether or not the application (CLASSIFY, the application WITHIN the Spotify application) could be fixed at all?

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I'm unfamiliar with CLASSIFY. Is it an official Spotify app?


Also, Spotify announced a couple weeks ago that they were discontinuing the Apps section instead of fixing it. This likely won't get fixed, sadly.

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I have checked Classify again, and I can see seven instrument categories and seven moods on one line, below that seven eras as well. These can not be moved to the left, as there is no icon on the right side for that, so there are only seven items. Other categories do have this icon though like themes, or the artists and composers you already mentioned. When I click on it, more items in those categories are shown, so it works as it should. Maybe you use a low screen resolution, so everything is zoomed, or you do not use Spotify in fullscreen mode?


And like geekycreeper mentioned, Spotify is planning to abandon all apps in the desktop software, You can vote to keep the app API here:


By the way, if you have a account and scrobble to it with Spotify, you can still get personalised recommendations for classical music there as well, but it will be not as easy as with the for Spotify app which can directly play the recommended albums in the Spotify desktop software. has user-defined tags for genres, instruments etc. though, so finding e.g. violin or pipe organ music is very easy.

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