Can't Install Spotify client on Kali Linux


Can't Install Spotify client on Kali Linux








Operating System

Windows 10 (fonctionnal) in dual boot with Kali Linux

My Question or Issue

Hello !

I wanted to install Spotify on my PC but I have the same error message saying that the respository is non-secure so it won't connect to it...

Do you have a solution ?

Here's a screenshot (in French) of the command prompt.


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Re: Can't Install Spotify client on Kali Linux

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Spotify on Kali seems like a poor fit. Kali isn't intended as a workstation or desktop distribution. It's meant to be used as a pen test and network security tool.


Ignoring that it is probably the wrong distribution on which to install the Spotify app, I would encourage the use of the snap over the Debian repository, but it will require you to get snapd running on your Kali installation first.


If running snaps on your Kali isn't going to happen, it would be helpful to have the output in English rather than French, but I'll take a stab at it the best I can anyway.


The error appears to indicate that you do not have the GPG key for the Spotify repository installed.  Take a look at the "Debian / Ubuntu" section on paying particular attention to the following line:

curl -sS | sudo apt-key add - 

It appears that step was not taken. It won't hurt anything to simply run that command. If the key was installed already, it won't change anything, and if it was not installed it should fix your error.


If you want to check first, you can run

sudo apt-key list | less

and look for the Spotify key. I'm quite certain you will not find it.


I hope this helps and you are able to listen to Spotify while you are running Linux.

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