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Can't play songs, song skipping on ChromeOS

Can't play songs, song skipping on ChromeOS






Lenovo Chromebook 11e (1st Gen)

Operating System

ChromeOS (Version 76.0.3809.136)


My Question or Issue

Songs won't play, and if they do, they start skipping anywhere from 3 - 5 seconds. It'll skip through multiple songs, even skip through ads when they arise, then play a song (successfully) for what seems to be 9-10 seconds, then it no longer plays audio (but the bar for music length keeps going.) After pausing, it goes to 10 seconds.

It's not my internet, multiple networks tried, including my own gigabit one. The GUI also seems a little broken (fonts seem weird, a lot of elements are fused within each other, elements closer to each other than they should be etc.)


I'm on an outdated ChromeOS version, I can't update because this device isn't supported anymore. It does not support Android Apps, or the Linux terminal, so I use the web player (with the PWA and in a normal Chrome tab.)

Can I fix this issue? Or am I simply out of luck and is this Chrome version just not supported anymore?

If needs be, I can try and provide a video of what occurs.

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