Can't play the current song (Ubuntu 18.04)


Can't play the current song (Ubuntu 18.04)

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ThinkPad T470p

Operating System

Ubuntu 18.04


My Issue

I was listening on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S8) and opened Spotify on my laptop, as I always do when getting to work. I switched the device, to listen on my laptop, but suddenly I got the horrific blue "Can't play the current song." banner up on top. The song keeps going on, but the blue banner persists. Switching back to my phone, the song plays nicely. I tried logging out, and logging back in, cleared the .cache folder, logging out and back in, uninstalling and reinstalling twice, enabling/disabling crossfade and all the other tips and tricks that I've found... Still the same banner keeps popping up. ALL songs, ALL playlists, ALL radio etc.

What is going on here?

P.S. Using `snap` for installing/uninstalling Spotify on Ubuntu.

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Re: Can't play the current song (Ubuntu 18.04)

Casual Listener

I wasn't able to play any song on the web player either. The internet connection worked, as I was able to post my question, and also use other IM's on the laptop. But since also YouTube videos were unable to play at all, I went on an restarted the computer. This fixed the issues.


Weird stuff, first time this has happened ever.