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Cannot change music quality on Ubuntu 22

Cannot change music quality on Ubuntu 22






Operating System

Ubuntu 22


My Question or Issue


The dropdown menu on Settings for Audio Quality is not working. It's just stuck with Automatic (Streaming quality) and High (Download).


6 Replies

I have the same bug, however, it's not only on Setting page, it's on all dropdown buttons:

I found a workaround where you can click the button and use arrow keys to change it. It's nasty but it works

I have the same problem. All dropdown menu isnt working. Eg Language options. Version snap: Workaround: multiple tabs + arrows for changing

Same Problem. Debian Stable (Debian 11). Can't believe such obvious bugs get overseen. @Spotify do you even have one single guy at QA testing your linux client? At least for the most popular Linux Distributions: Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, Fedora, Arch.


I solved this issue on my System Debian 11 by switching Windowing System from new Wayland to old X11. E.g. by selecting on the login screen (clicking on gear symbol) GNOME on Xorg.

Faced the same issue with Ubuntu 22.04. Used `tab` and `arrow` keys. I guess the developers don't intend to fix this issue.


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