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Certain songs in albums won't play

Certain songs in albums won't play

I will go to full albums and want a certain song but when I look at the album the song I want has gray letters not white like the others. When I try to click on them to play they won't do anything, can I just not get those songs but I can get other songs on the album?
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There are many songs which are only available for specific regions (mostly for US) which leads to the rest of us seeing them but not being able to play them. If only one song in an album is made not available you will be able to see the album but that one song will be grayed out. In other cases where whole albums are not available you will not be able to see the entire album and you will not be able to browser for it by using the search.


I hope that one day there will be no such "exclusive" content for any specific country but that will never happen.

If you like using the "Your Music" feature have in mind that you are LIMITED to 10 000 tracks. If you want this to be fixed vote for this post

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