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Changes (extra bullet points added onto the reddit post)

Changes (extra bullet points added onto the reddit post)

If you're looking to downgrade, there's a post to prevent auto-update here (Mac only, sorry)


Whilst googling for a way to install a previous version of Spotify, I found this changelog posted on another site. It's a simple, brief way to see the ridiculous amount of functionality that has been removed.



  • Apps removed (this is a planned removal and will not be returning)
  • Activity feed redesigned (now emphasizes social aspects over the music they are listening to)
  • Closing spotify with the "X" now exits the application
  • Top Charts has replaced Top Tracks (located in Browse)
  • CTRL-F No longer works
  • Playlist dividers gone
  • Can no longer see list of songs in a folder, only the playlists it contains
  • Cannot set cache or offline playlists location
  • Local files can't be dragged directly into playlists to add them to your library
  • Not all of local tracks show up (people with large local track libraries)
  • Can't remove local tracks from playlists (not sure if this is accuracte)
  • Can't edit ID3 tags for local tracks
  • Clicking song that's playing no longer takes you to its location in a playlist
  • Notifications on the taskbar icon
  • Crossfade toggle and adjustment has been further buried under Advanced Settings
  • Volume normalization broken
  • Some ads are playing abnormally loud
  • App is not maximized on launch even if it was on closing.
  • Some notifications will never go away
  • Song title and artist no longer appears on the taskbar.
  • Can't use aero peak to see currently playing track
  • Saving entire albums to 'My Music' no longer works correctly
  • Various aspects of the "Sort by..." feature including "date added" for local tracks and "by artists" in playlist view are nonfunctional
  • Can no longer press first letter of name to skip to that section in the playlist/sorting
  • Can no longer drop tracks into the playlist view, you must now drag them to the playlist using the left sidebar
  • Can no longer use "delete" key to remove songs from the play queue
  • Media buttons no longer work for some users
  • Can't resize the sorting columns to see the full text.
  • Track playing won't show on hover view for macs
  • Apple scripts broken
  • Some songs wrongly categorized as local files so they become unplayable in the client
  • No longer able to click currently playing song title to see its position in the playlist
  • Can no longer copy playlist as text to save backups
  • Can't use keyboard to navigate playlists (arrows keys) or to rename them (F2)



9 Replies

some of these topics (especially the removal of the apps) were essential for frequent users, and currently i'm thinking about to cancel my account and give those apps developers some opportunity to continue their business in another streaming service.

i already set up some interfaces for that case (because it was predictable)....
sorry spotify, this time you really **bleep**ed your product up.

roll-back this time or you'll experience massive loss  of users....

Thank you, I was going to post this myself if no one else did it. It's really ridiculous when you see the list like this.

If I had to pick one problem of this, it's losing the Ctrl+f action.
Also, Ctrl+Shift+n no longer makes a playlist folder. As a premium user, it's really frustrating to see an update that broke so many things. And for so few new features. Sure, I can control my phone from my computer now. Great. I had the lyrics from Musixmatch to begin with. I want to see a great app that moves forwards, not backwards.

One more:
* can't use keyboard to navitage playlists (arrows keys) or to rename them (F2)

Why is it that good services start with nice and simple UIs and then they just "develop" the UI into hell?

Another one:

All my radio stations stopped working. All covers ale blacked out. Disabling hardware acceleration didn't help.

The funny thing is, I'm not even sure we've found everything that's been messed up, yet.

Followed playlists no longer show when tracks have been added. (there used to be small number displaying how many tracks have been added)


I am following many playlists and now I have to manually check each to see if new songs have been added. 

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