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Cover art not displaying properly on Artist page

Cover art not displaying properly on Artist page

In the "Popular" section of an Artists page the cover art gets replaced by this static green image.




I have tried updating the App and my OS. I also emptied the local cache found under Settings -> Storage -> Cache




Country EU


I am currently running the app as a snap package on Ubuntu.







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Got the same problem on Ubuntu 22.04, Spotify snap version Sometimes the cover art is just tinted in green all over, sometimes it's just flat green.

I would suggest you the use the flatpak version i do not see any of these issues in it is working perfect like.


Flatpak version:

Thanks - seems like a work around for now. But this should be still be addressed. I would assume more people are using the snap version.

I see the same issue in the version installed from the official repos via apt

Cache has been reset but the issue is still there.


Package: spotify-client
Version: 1:

This only happens on intel integrated gpu and also not only in spotify desktop app but in chromium too. Seems like it may be some kind of bug in the Linux kernel. If anyone knows anything more about this, please let me know.

As a temporary workaround I started Spotify without using the GPU. That removed all the green artefacts that have been there before.

spotify --disable-gpu

 This is a temporary solution and I guess none of the pictures should be green when using GPU rendering.

If using Spotify on Pop!_OS with intel+nvidia gpu, these environment variables can be added to Spotify launcher, this also fixes the issue:



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