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Debian repository is out-of-date

Debian repository is out-of-date







Operating System

Arch Linux


My Question or Issue

Your Debian repository under is out-of-date for some time now (1.1.42). The only way to get an up-to-date version of Spotify is through snapcraft (1.1.46 and 1.1.52)


There are several reasons not to like snap and snapcraft but I don't want to go into too much detail since most of them are subjective.


But fact is: Your Debian repository provides a GPG signature for the 'Release' file which contains the checksums for the actual *.deb package.
By trusting your GPG signature it is possible to check the spotify package for authenticity (Release.gpg -> Release -> (checksum) -> *.deb)


There's no GPG signature on snapcraft (at least I can't find one). And since there is no way to check for authenticity we don't only have to trust you, but also snapcraft/Canonical. This brings a whole new set of concerns


What are your future plans for Spotify on Linux? Will the Debian repository see updates again?


As far as I can tell there are a few possible solutions to this


- Continue updating the Debian repository
- Provide an AppImage signed with your GPG key, ideally from *
- Provide the Linux Spotify as ZIP or tarball signed with your GPG key, ideally from *





10 Replies

Hey Spotify Team,
please have a look at this. As you already saw with this [previous Post users really want to see Spotify on linux](

It would be really nice, if you could have a chat with us package maintainers, so we can easily find a proper way to integrate spotify into our distributions. This would help Spotify, their users and improve the overall security and makes things simpler.


I support everything said before.

Hi Spotify Team,

Please help the community by updating the repository.




Hey Spotify gurus,


Please update the Debian repositories; I've been a longtime Linux user but also a longtime paying (premium) customer of Spotify as well. I think the Spotify client on Linux deserves the same attention as the ones on the more popular platforms.


Thank you.

Has there been any communication about this yet? I am the maintainer of the spotify-easyrpm script for openSUSE and so I'll need to change it to grab the binaries from snap instead of the deb if Spotify decides to abandon the latter.


I think it would be a huge regression to only ship snaps which is not present on non-Ubuntu based distributions. Many people still prefer deb or rpms, especially on rolling distributions like openSUSE Tumbleweed

Ong term Linux and Spotify user. Please give us back signed releases!

well Spotify just updated the debian repo with a new version.

Spotify finally updated the Debian repositories and switched to GTK3!
Thanks a lot Spotify Dev Team!

This is great news, installing the AUR package as we speak. Thank you all.

Bumping the thread. The i386 flavor is still stuck at after 3 years, and the current package cannot be installed on Debian 10 and later versions. I know it was possibly because of Ubuntu not supporting i386 anymore. So... should we conclude it being official for Spotify to drop further client releases on i386 flavor?

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