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Default Linux Support

1. If you really want to get feedback, why not posting a link to this forum, where it is stated, that you want feedback, see Spotify1.png

2. This is the second time, I am writing this, the first time I acknowledged two times that I am no robot, but still got an error feedback (Spotify2.png)

3. The real question:

my computer goes to sleep while playing spotify, vlc and firefox can prevent it from doing it. I am running Ubuntu 20.10, but the problem already was in 20.04

4. As I am anyway writing, why not

closing the app with default linux shortcut (Strq+Q)

playing (n)ext song on key n

and (p)revious song with (p)

Youtube, VLC, also Windows MediayPlayer does support this feature, since 199*. It's not that big new feature nor complicated

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