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[Desktop - Linux] Can't play tracks out of my playlists

[Desktop - Linux] Can't play tracks out of my playlists





Operating System

Linux - Ubuntu 18.04

My Question or Issue

Hello guys,

I'm using Spotify desktop version on Ubuntu 18.04 through proxy. The problem is that I can't play any track that's out of my playlists. The only real solution that I found for now is to delete the cache (rm -r ~/.cache/spotity/Users/<user-name>). But it's very annoying to do that before every Spotify launch.

I've tried to purge the app, delete all the content in .cache and .config and reinstall. No result.

Is anyone having the same/similar issues? Or it's a bug?

Thanks in advance. 🙂

3 Replies

do you get any console output?

does it work for you when not using a proxy?

Console output doesn't differ from when songs are playing.

I can't check without proxy, because this is my work computer and the connection goes through proxy.

Got the same problem, running Spotify app version on Debian 9. Console output is clean, only thing I noticed is that spotify segfaults when killed by SIGQUIT :D...but thats probably unrelated.

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