[Desktop] Linux Client Boots Slowly

[Desktop] Linux Client Boots Slowly

Linux client boots very slowly with graphical errors until launch is complete. I've found that running the commands below fixes the issue but I generally have to run this every login.
cd ~/snap/spotify/common/.cache/spotify
sqlite3 mercury.db
<Ctl+D to exit>
I'm on running GNOME on Ubuntu 21.04

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This is such a pain in the **bleep**. Is no one going to address this issue?

Snap Spotify ( takes almost an entire minute to load on my generally fast and well-responsive system too. Was slow to begin with, after reinstalling.


Deleting the cache files would generally help, Spotify creates new cache files in replacement.

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I've tried this with no luck. Still waiting on the devs to fix this. I'm not sure that the advantage is of making the client proprietary. If it were open source there would be more software support from the people who use the service. The product is the service anyway, and the IP is in the algorithms on the server. I'm not sure why they're gatekeeping their own bug fixes.

You can also not use the SNAP version, use the APT/.deb package version for more speed

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